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Gemas, as Turkey’s manufacturer of Pool Equipments and chemicals, with its expert staff developed swimming pool eqiupment and chemical  products in Turkey and all over the world. Its world wide sales and in many cities after sales service provides to be a wellknown Brand in this sector. More than 15 years of exprience enables to be the most preffered brand in this field. Gemas aims to add value to his work and develop continiously.
Gemas has the mentality to decrease the work load of its subordinate enterprises. In this point of view, Gemas provides an easy accessibility with its installation personnel in the field and efficient staff via internet. With the help of the systems that increase the competitiveness of firms, costs due to the power consumption and installation decreases. Unnecessary mistakes and improper installation of the systems are being avoided owing to the ergonomically designed Gemas Pool Equipments and their positive effect to the speed of the straff during the assembly on the field. Many pool companies or companies that have a share of pool equipments installations , investing in Gemas technology. Due to the industrial solutions that Gemas provided, the full product assembly  performances and product qualities can be kept under control. Among the most important reasons to prefer Gemas Pool System technology, continuous improvement and stastifying customer-specific requirements for the sector in the pool and gemas’s capability to offer equipment solutions. In turkey, First Steps are taken by Gemas in field of pool and pool equipment systems and gemas provided to customers control panel pool system service which is effective to be the first preference among the other causes.
Turkey’s Pool Equipment Manufacturer Gemas, with its made and presented R&D activities, comes among the firsts , the first web-based ordering system software. That enables the access of the informations ; real and correct order, lead time at an optimum level, informations like product quality , the security division of trasformers, pool systems, light show and light integration, automatic pool pH balance and harmony with each other with the help holf a large number of technological applications. Today every place with a pool system, specific regulations must be provided to its customers. This work to increase the efficiency of Pool systems  should be handled correctly and due to this pool equipments and their electricity consumtion informations, equipment failures, labor and downtime should be presented at the right time. Gemas offers its customers a high quailty and affordable products to decrease the expenses of the companies, and an oppurtunity to increase productivity about the installation and operation of the pool systems. As an option pool heating systems, automatic chlorination and pH balancing, automatic pool cleaning with robot can be integrated to the pool systems.These allows customers also saving time. Decreasing installation errors increase the work productivity and labor losses due to accidents and other causes can be avoided.
Turkey’s Pool systems manufacturer Gemas in the industry, growing rapidly by adding its client portfolio many leading world companies and Gemas works continually to improve customer satisfaction and offers to its clients a unique service.