Pool Control Mono
POOL CONTROL MONO. Completely electronic pool control board. Controls monophase pumps from 0,33 HP to 2,0 HP and 1 group of 300 W 112 V lights (max 4 pes).
Technical specifications:
• Time-controlled automatic on and off is possible for the pumps and the lights. While the system is on, you may switch from the automatic mode to manual mode or from manual mode to automatic mode without interrupting the system.
• Faulty connection protection: In case of a faulty connection in the junction box over the motor, the motor stops with a short circuit warning.
• Termic current protection: The tolerance of the current that the motor uses can be defined with a sensitivity of ± 1 0% - 50%. In case of extra current beyond tolerance the motor stops.
• Closed valve protection: Stops the motor when the valves on the suction and/or discharge lines are left closed. Doing this prevents potential over-heat damages to gasket and the body.
• Current Reading: Allows the user to read the current the motor pump uses. When this mode is on, all other controls are deactivated.
• Working time: Opportunity to see the total working time of the pump as year-month-day hour- minute since the first activation.
• Timer: Automatically operating and stopping the pump in the arranged time.
• Lamp Control: One 300 WI 12 V outlet for four lamps.
Pool Control Basic; 1 pump {+ 1 back up) + 1 group of light (max. 4 pes) 0507311 185.00 1