Gemas Heat Pump
GEMAS Heat Pump. Uses the extant heat in the air for 80% of the total energy required to heat up the pool. Consumes electrical energy only for the 20% of the required heat.
• Operational costs are 80% lower compared to natural gas. System can be used for heating or cooling. It is the only solution for shock pools .
• The heat exchanger that transfers energy from air to water is made of titanium. It can be installed in the pools with sea water.
• An electronic-digital control board on the device that also shows the temperature of the water.
• Heating or cooling modes are also selected with the help of this board.
• The heat pump can easily be installed on the extant pool installations without any infrastructural problems.
• The heat pump is designed to change the water temperature by ± 12°C in 5 days when the outside temperature 20°C.
• Using a solar pool cover that provides isolation will shorten the time and reduce energy consumption.
• The heat pump does not work efficiently when the ambient temperature is below 10°C.
PHC25V - Heating/Cooling 101312 3.33 1
PHC35V - Heating/Cooling 101313 4.91 1
PHC50V - Heating/Cooling 101314 6.17 1
PHC65V - Heating/Coolinga 101315 8.52 1
PHC65Vs - Heating/Cooling 101316 8.52 1
PHC80Vs - Heating/Cooling 101317 10.52 1