Copper Ionization System

Copper Ionization System

It’s for private pools. It controls the bacteria and algae formation. It also provides an active flocculation by releasing positive charged ions to pool water. It can reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals up to %80. Operates with copper electrolysis system. Best method of utilizing the device is operating with UV-C device. Should be installed after pool filter. Device constantly supplies copper ions into water. +2 charged copper ions kill bacteria, algae and other primitive organisms by destroying their cell walls. Fortnightly, the copper concentration is measured with tool supplied with the device. Thus, 0,7 ppm copper concentration continuity is provided. Ionization amount is controlled with the electronic control device. The device is ideal up to 75 m3 private pools. Copper ionization system comfortably and effectively substitutes the algeacides and flocculent chemical agents in the existing pools.

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