Disabled Pool Lift Rechargeable

Disabled Pool Lift Rechargeable

The stainless steel rechargeable disabled elevator is crafted from high-quality materials with specific features for enhanced functionality and durability. Key attributes include corrosion resistance to water and high temperatures, a rechargeable and removable battery system, a digital battery charge indicator for user awareness, and a convenient charging device. The elevator is designed for practical installation, easily adaptable to existing pool systems. Overall, it presents a reliable, long-lasting, and user-friendly solution.

  • Weight Capacity: 150 kg
  • Max Arm Movement: 1150 mm
  • External Charging Device: Included for convenient charging.
  • Emergency Rescue System: Equipped with an emergency rescue feature for added safety.
  • Foldable Armrest: The armrest is foldable for flexibility.
  • Emergency Stop Button: A button for immediate stopping in case of emergencies.
  • Safety Belt: Provided for additional safety during operation.
  • Adjustable Footrest: The footrest is adjustable for user comfort.
  • Waterproof Handheld Remote Control: The remote control is waterproof, allowing for safe operation even in wet conditions.
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