GEMAS Glass Filtration Media

GEMAS Glass Filtration Media

An environmentally friendly alternative to silica sand for filtration purposes. It is made from recycled glass, eliminating the need for intrusive mining and reducing the consumption of scarce resources.
GGFM offers several benefits over silica sand:
Improved Efficiency: Due to its angular to sub-angular particle shape and bound silica content, GGFM provides a 30% improvement in turbidity removal compared to silica sand. It also has the ability to remove finer particles from water.
Reduced Backwashing: The non-porous composition of GGFM prevents it from clumping, resulting in reduced backwashing needs. This leads to water, energy, and chemical treatment cost savings.
Cleaner Performance: GGFM's smooth surface area makes it less susceptible to bio-fouling compared to silica sand. Bacteria are unable to get trapped in cracks or flaws, reducing the need for remedial action and chemical treatment to combat pollutants.
Lower Material Requirement: GGFM is less dense than sand, requiring 15% less media to fill an equivalent filter.
Longer Lifespan: GGFM's durability translates to a longer lifespan, potentially eliminating the need for media replacement during filter refurbishment. Overall, GEMAS GLASS FILTER-MEDIA offers superior performance, cost-effectiveness, and environmental advantages compared to traditional silica sand. It contributes to efficient filtration, reduced maintenance, and a longer-lasting filtration system.

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0,6 mm - 1,00 mm grain thickness 023411 Sign in to see the price
1 mm - 3,00 mm grain thickness 023412 Sign in to see the price
3 mm - 5,00 mm grain thickness 023413 Sign in to see the price 0.000

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