GEMAS Heatrone PRO

GEMAS Heatrone PRO

Electrical Heater with plastic body made of fiberglass reinforced PP. Triphase. Complete with magnetic contactors, thermal switch and flow switch. Control board has seven segment digital thermostat and led indicator for operation, as well as power control. Heating elements made of AISI 316 Stainless Steel. Timer is optional. Please add “O” at the end of existing code when ordering.

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6 kW Electrical Heater 10120 Sign in to see the price
9 kW Electrical Heater 10121 Sign in to see the price
12 kW Electrical Heater 10122 Sign in to see the price
15 kW Electrical Heater 10123 Sign in to see the price
18 kW Electrical Heater 10124 Sign in to see the price

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