The first "Touch Screen" frequency inverter manufactured in the pool industry. By adjusting the running speed of the pool pump, it delivers significant electricity savings and silent operation. In addition, it allows automatic operation adjustment with different cycles in 4 different time intervals during the day. Consumption power values corresponding to the revolutions set are displayed on the screen. It is also possible to adjust the speed during operation. There are different models of the device for three-phase and single-phase motors as shown in the table below. Max. capacity is 2,2 kW. There are dry contacts inside the device for different types of external controls. PROVIDES SIGNIFICANT ENERGY SAVING.

description code price
ISAVER 1100 0111INV1100 Sign in to see the price 1 0.000
ISAVER 1100C 0111INV1100C Sign in to see the price
ISAVER 2200 0111INV2200 Sign in to see the price 1
ISAVER 2200C 0111INV2200C Sign in to see the price 1

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Technical Data Sheet

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