Gemas On-Line Salt-Water Chlorinators

Gemas On-Line Salt-Water Chlorinators

“On-Line” devices with a monoblock body that produce chlorine from salt using electrolysis, providing salt concentration into the pool water at the same rate as tear salinity. The device has the feature to self-clean the electrode against calcification at certain intervals. Digital screen; temperature value of water; LED display screen shows the working percentage rate. Automatic polarity changing of the electrodes for cleaning purposes which can be adjusted between 1-8 hours according to the hardness level of the water. The factory setting is every 6 hours. During operation, the flow cell is illuminated by colored LEDs. LEDs change color during polarity
change. In the event of an alarm, the red-light flashes. The device records the total working hours in its memory. Electrodes are made of titanium and have an average life of 14,000 hours. It can be easily installed in any existing pool. The device can be mounted on the right or left side, depending on preference. All models can also be used with seawater. Recommended min. salinity rate is 4,000 ppm (4 kg/m3). The salinity rate in sea waters is 35.000 ppm on average.

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Puritron GSCOL-10 064250OL Sign in to see the price 5.650 0.035 View
Puritron GSCOL-20 064260OL Sign in to see the price 5.650 0.035 View
Puritron GSCOL-30 064270OL Sign in to see the price 5.650 0.035 View
Puritron GSCOL-15 064251OL Sign in to see the price 5.650 0.035

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Gemas On-Line Salt-Water Chlorinators