GEMAŞ pH and Free Chlorine Controller

GEMAŞ pH and Free Chlorine Controller

Free-chlorine and pH electrode fully assembled on the panel. Complete with flow switch, flow meter with proximity switch, acrylic Flow Cell, pHFree Chlorine-Temperature Sensors, Calibration solutions and Mounting Kit. IP65 protection, Residual chlorine ppm (= mg / l), redox (=mV) and pH measurement and control system. It can be remotely controlled from the mobile phone with the optional Wi-Fi module. It also shows instant water temperature. Dosage pumps can be mounted on the panel. Dosing pumps are not included in the price.

Free chlorine and pH in public swimming pools according to DIN 19643 (additionally REDOX should be preferred.) Automatic Control System is compulsory. FCL sensor is amperometric. Ionselective sensor can be produced upon request.

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