Ozone Injectors

Ozone Injectors

The ozone generated is vacuumed and introduced to the system by injector. Operates with free air suction. Complete with the injector with by-pass valve and water trap. It is made of PVDF materials and resistant to all kinds of chemicals.

description code price
Venture-1"-1/2", center 3-10 m3/h 06442 Sign in to see the price
Venture-1 1/4"-1/2", center 10-25 m3/h 06443 Sign in to see the price 0.000
Venture-2"-1/4", center 30-50 m3/h 06444 Sign in to see the price
Venture-3/4"-1/4", center 1-3 m3/h 06441 Sign in to see the price

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