Ozone + Ultraviolet Combined Disinfection Systems

Ozone + Ultraviolet Combined Disinfection Systems

With the Ozone + UV Device; ozone generated inside special wave length UV bulb is vacuumed and introduced to the system by injector and transferred into pool circulation. On the other hand, it can execute the disinfection process by direct radiation to pool water from the same ozone bulb’s quarts housing. Devices is complete with the bypass valve and injector. It can easily be installed into existing pool installations. Device body is 316L stainless steel. It has timer, and
gives signal when bulb’s lifespan is over. Bulb power is 75 Watt, radiation power is 25 Watt, and Ozone output is 0,6 g/h. The recommended pool capacity by the manufacturer is 75 m3. It can reduce the chlorine usage up to %90. Ozone helps destroying sun cream, cosmetics, urine, and sweat in the water. After these process UV-C exposed pool water eliminates the residual ozone through disinfection.

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Ozon + UV-C Device (GEMAŞ OEM) 06NTUV87TO Sign in to see the price 7.700

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