Salt-Water Chlorinator - Semi-Commercial Pools

Salt-Water Chlorinator - Semi-Commercial Pools

Designed for midsize hotel and apartment complex pools. The device produces chlorine by electrolysis of pool water with salinity of teardrop. It has a standart cleaning cycle process against calcification. Electrods are made of titanium and have a 20.000 hours long life. Corrosion resist stainless steel body. Electrods cell made of methacrylate and transparent. It has a LCD screen. Device is switched mode. All models can be used with seawater.

description code price
Puritron GSC - 75 06435 Sign in to see the price 15.000
Puritron GSC - 100 06436 Sign in to see the price 20.000
Puritron GSC - 150 06437 Sign in to see the price 25.000

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Technical Document GSC 50-75-100-150
Technical Document

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