Filter Shell Made of Smooth ABS plastic which decreases algea and bacteria cling inside filter. Outer Shell is MONOBLOCK GELCOATED FR POLYESTER. UNLIKE THE UNIVERSAL LAMINATED FILTERS 2 PART BODY STRUCTURE, FILTEGRA HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO BE PRODUCED WITH A UNIQUE TECHNIQUE WHICH RESULTS A MONOBLOCK SMOOTH, GELCOATED OUTER BODY. Complete with easy opening threaded, large and transparent lid (diameter is 2 cms larger than bolted lid), pressure gauge and side mounted multiport valve. OPTIONAL LIGHTING TOUCHPAD BUTTON WITH BATTERY Maximum Working Pressure 2,5 kg/cm2. Test Pressure 4 kg/cm2. Filtration Rate 50 m3/h/m2. 5 YEARS SHELL WARRANTY .

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Ø500 mm- 1,5" multiport side valve -10 m³/h 021811S Sign in to see the price 19.000 0.215 View
Ø630 mm- 1,5" multiport side valve -16 m³/h 021812S Sign in to see the price 23.000 0.325 View
Ø710 mm- 2" multiport side valve - 20 m³/h 021817S Sign in to see the price 35.000 0.440 View

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Technical Data Sheet

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FILTEGRA - The New Generation Sand Filter

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