Ultraviolet UV-C Disinfection Systems

Ultraviolet UV-C Disinfection Systems

Ultraviolet disinfection systems work with the principle of lethal effects of 220-280 nm wave length ultraviolet lights on living organisms. This wave-length ultraviolet lights require a certain contact time to kill microorganisms by destroying their cell walls. The UV devices are designed to provide this contact time according to the given flow rate.UV radiation is considered in 4 spectrum: UV-A, UV-B, UV-C and vacuum UV. UV-C spectrum is used for water disinfection with the wave length as specified above.

Advantages of UV-C System :

  • Reduces Chlorine and chemical consumption by %50 - %80.
  • Effective for all microorganisms.
  • Eliminates all the side effects caused by chlorine (skin irritation, eye burn, allergy, asthma and
  • similar side effects)
  • Destroys all bound chlorine compounds (=chloramines) and other harmful organic compounds.
  • Reduces all chemical usage and leaves no harmful waste in water.
  • Low operating cost, and eco-friendly technology.

Devices below are designed for private pools. All models are 316L quality stainless steel body and enables +%35 radiation efficiency. Devices are complete with timers that shows bulb operating life. Device gives warning when bulb completes their lifespan. Also, there is a flow switch (circuit breaker) at the outlet of 130 watt device that disables the bulb when pool circulation stops. The AMALGAM bulb that provides the most effective UV-C radiation is used in this model. Max. operating pressure is 2 bar. Bulb lifespan is 9.000 hours.

description code price
Pool UV-C 40 Device with Timer up to 40 m3 06NTUV40T Sign in to see the price
Pool UV-C 75 Device, with Timer up to 75 m3 06NTUV75T Sign in to see the price
Pool UV-C 130 Device, with Timer, Flow Switch up to 150 m3 06NTUV130TF Sign in to see the price

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Technical Data Sheet / Brochure

Technical Document UV-C 130
Technical Document UV-C 75
Technical Document UV-C 40
Technical Document

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